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If you have been the victim of fraudulent insolvency or are currently facing insolvency which is fraudulent, please contact us immediately. We are currently working with others to expose this publicly. All information received will be treated in the strict confidence.


We have received information about an outfit calling themselves Legal UK Partnership LLP. If you have been approached by them offering legal assistance or asking for money, please contact us immediately. Any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.


It has been discovered that Certificates of Appointment of trustees in bankruptcy in circulation may not bear any court seal and a signature on behalf of the Secretary of State which is not on the Insolvency Service’s list of authorised signatories. A court seal is a legal requirement and a signature which is not made by an authorised signatory may have the effect of rendering the certificate of appointment null and void.  If you are going through bankruptcy, you have the right to ask for proof of appointment of your trustee in bankruptcy. If your trustee in bankruptcy refuses to provide proof, please contact us immediately.


Anthony Stansfield, Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, gave testimony to the ITNJ on the collusion between insolvency professionals and banks to “steal” billions of pounds from clients.


Noel Edmonds shares his experiences of The Great Insolvency Scam which lead to the collapse of his entertainment company.

Report into Lloyds’ handling of HBoS Reading fraud case “explosive”.

Insolvency Expert Faces Comet Conduct Inquiry

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